Chanel's Supermarket

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Today was a wonderful day for the food world, and we're surprised that more consumer packaged food (CPG) brands didn't take note. Chanel surprised everyone with an enormous chic supermarket set that had critics fascinated with "a conjunction of high and low". 

For years, the grocery, food, and CPG industries have taken inspiration from the fashion world, using similar graphics, colors, and campaigns – especially in the artisan, specialty, and luxury markets. But slowly, the tides have been turning as the world has become increasingly fixated on eating, rating, and photographing meals. 

This beautifully merchandised stage in Paris was a tipping point for food culture and a statement for modern life, complete with plastic red shopping carts and generous mounds of fresh produce as a backdrop for luxury goods. No detail was overlooked. Each packaged item was labeled with custom Chanel product names and cohesive artwork that referenced the brands founder, Coco Chanel, and her legacy. It was essentially a more sumptuous and gorgeous version of Picard or Trader Joe's. 

We've been reporting on the fusion of these industries for some time and are thrilled to see Chanel's interpretation.  

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Grand Palais Paris, France