Trendscaping is a website and community platform for sharing and mapping insights, ideas and the evolution of concepts. Our open-source approach enables unique discoveries and alternatives by linking themes across diverse subjects and industries. Think of it as cross-pollination where ideas are the flowers and community members are the bees, exploring and contributing to significant cultural shifts.

What sets Trendscaping apart is the belief that trends are less about clever labels and more about their effects. Since 2005, when founder Shannon Kelly coined Trendscaping™ and started her food and fashion blog, her vision has been clear: offer original content, celebrate unique perspectives, and connect inspiring individuals at the forefront of trend research—people who see the future in the unlikely places and faces at the fringes of contemporary life.

We’re constantly growing our network and welcome contributors from traditional and non-traditional trendspotting backgrounds, and we protect the intellectual property of creators, makers, brands, and entrepreneurs with consistent attribution. This enables our community of spotters, seekers, collectors, and patrons to accurately track and translate both the path of original content and digital sharing. Thanks for joining the community. We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy the twists and turns on the Trendscaping map. 


Shannon Kelly, founder + publisher

As a lifelong learner, strategist, and trend forecaster, Shannon Kelly excels at connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated events by deciphering consumer patterns and analyzing the impact on industries most affected by micro and macro trends. Her breadth of experience includes roles at Starbucks and J.Crew, and as a consultant for Fortune 100 companies, top advertising firms, technology brands, and several exciting startups. In 2016 Shannon expanded her network with Trendscaping.com, a showcase for unbiased first-person research, insights, and photos from across the globe.