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Kicking off May by visiting Niche Outside and Kurt Farm Shop within the newly opened Chophouse Row in Seattle. 

The petite garden-inspired retail store within the mixed-use development along 11th Avenue packs a punch with beautiful and unique products. Owned by the team behind the floral design studio Fleurish, the crisp jewel-box space, along the charming pedestrian alleyway, feels very European.

We're particularly fond of how the visual merchandising at Niche Outside reflects the same durability and form as the assortment. Case in point: a brass dowel wall full of suspended treasures. 

The second space within the Chophouse Row mews is Kurt Farm Shop. The retail-foodservice-hybrid offers award-winning cheese, small-batch ice cream and plants from Kurtwood Farm on Vashion Island along side a small selection of artisan dairy products from other local farms. We love how the photos of Kurt's "ladies" flanking the 295-square-foot-shop reinforce the farm-to-table anesthetic authentic. 

Visual cues are vital in retail and restaurants because they inform a deeper customer experience and both of these concepts balance graphics with thoughtfulness. Plus, the implamentation at NICHEoutside and Kurt Farm Shop feels simple and fresh.

Allowing customers to discover and place importance on the specific products and services that resonate with each individual – with minimal signage and calculated formulation – is the ultimate pledge to authentic consumer-centric innovation at retail.  

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Chophouse Row Seattle, WA United States