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The latest step in further democratizing photography and, perhaps, devaluing the professional photography industry has launched for iOS devices. SnapMyAd enables consumers to link their Instagram account and allow third party users – such as marketers or businesses – to purchase images.

Another feature includes a promotional space for companies to collect/use pictures from contests or events, while rewarding fans with perks or discounts from the brand for likes in exchange.

There is something absolutely fantastic about gaining access to Instagram photos from an advertiser's standpoint, which has now become a totally legitimate resource. But it’s hard to imagine amateur photographers with iPhones truly making a living through monetization via SnapMyAd.

As friends and admirers of natural lighting, perspective, and the art of editing – it’s important, if not vital, to point out how mobile and digital photography has turned an industry upside-down.

Is it our cultural or moral responsibility, as content creators and consumers of social media, to better understand the impact of such applications on society? Or are you happy to snap away and pocket the cash for a photograph, regardless of the consequences? 

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