Marine Area 7

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Fans of Jim Henkens’ photography (A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus by Renee Erickson and Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway) are sure to love his newest venture: a retail shop called Marine Area 7 in Seattle.

Together with his wife, Jennifer Henkens, the new store is "dedicated to the art of imperfection in the kitchen", while being both beautiful and charming. This genuine and candid mantra plays out in hearty fixtures and tested offerings – both new and vintage – that reflect a reinterpretation of the status quo and it’s must-have-colors of enamel cookware.

Throughout the space, there’s an unspoken durability in merchandise offerings that balance masculinity with reality. Many products, from cast iron skillets made in Portland to knives made using vintage carbon steel blanks from Sabatier, have been thoughtfully sourced out of a passion for finding the exact tools and objects for use, rather something that might look shiny and new on the countertop.

We love that imperfections at Marine Area 7 have nothing to do with poor quality or flaws, but rather a license to develop a beautiful patina, season a pan, and reuse the best of what our kitchens or homes have to offer. Being a perfect cook or hostess is a hard promise to live up to, and we love how this store lays the groundwork for striking and straightforward livability. 

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Marine Area 7 Seattle, WA United States