Shape Shifter

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Comfort has been trending for years now.

Within the trend world, the concept of cocooning by Faith Popcorn (1981) has spawned movements within the design, retail, restaurant, and publishing worlds – most recently elevating “Hyggie” or the Danish or Norwegian word described as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being” to inspirational and aspirational heights. 

From Athleisure to luxury sneaker collaborations, a relaxed sense of ease has become a lifestyle instead of just a fashion choice. And the effects are impacting, shaping, and shifting perceptions in new categories like hosiery.  

Darrah Christel is an entrepreneur on a mission to reconstruct an industry that’s stagnate with her own mixture of comfort and body positivity.  By rethinking two tubes of nylon meant to slim and shape, she’s designed and patented LOHO – better-fitting tights with a beautiful low-rise waistband that will lay flat against the body no matter how curvy you are (size S-6X).

And, 81 backers pledging over $4,500 on agree. With less than two weeks left on the community-funded campaign, LOHO is set to go into production by partnered with two manufacturing companies in NY and NC to complete the first run of tights. Pre-orders are open until October 15th here

"Rule #1: Wear clothes that make you love the body you're in. Comfort, confidence, will always be on trend.”  - Darrah Christel, Founder of LOHO

The story behind the invention of LOHO is equally inspiring and a testament to creative thinking. Christel, a copywriter by trade and Lyft driver by night, has been compelled to change the way women feel in tights since the idea sparked in 2011. Her behind-the-scenes post and passionate protest against the idea of Spanx  “Arm Tights” on Medium represents a generational and cultural shift at the forefront of shapeware and self-love. 

The views and motivations behind the concept of comfort is evolving across all industries and we love how LOHO represents so much more that a new product launch. It’s faultless Simplexity – rooted in artful, functional, and emotionally-driven disruption.  

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