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Tired of searching the menu for gluten-free, low-carb, or paleo-friendly options? Yesterday, patrons in Denver were looking to the newly launched Just BE Kitchen for all of the above.

The collaboration between co-owners Jennifer Peters and Chef Carrie Biard, aims to fill a niche in the fast-casual segment with wholesome and mindful options from a conscious kitchen. All of the food is made from scratch in an environment that’s decidedly cozy and a sharp contrast to the industrial aesthetic we see with concepts that cater to all day-parts.

Sourcing locally from purveyors like Neiman Ranch, Rocky Mountain Eggs, and Red Bird Farms – the menu includes traditional to-go options and satisfying dishes that customers crave but may not have the time to create.

“Just BE Kitchen came about because there is a clear need, or trend, in the fast-casual space for food that addresses the myriad dietary restrictions--both by choice and by necessity--so many Americans face today. We wanted a space where everyone, restricted or not, can enjoy a nourishing, healthy meal in a warm and inviting space--all without breaking the bank.” - Jennifer Peters, Co-Founder

We love the decidedly disruptive attitude that Just BE Kitchen radiates by embracing choices consumers and creating a concept that exudes authenticity. For Jennifer Peters and Chef Carrie Biard, meat-forward is more than just a buzzword... it's personal and professional a lifestyle. 

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