Retail Inclusivity

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The "Third Place" has a new rival and it's not an independent cafe. It's the revolutionary, inclusive, and customer-centric fashion brand, Universal Standard. And, the Nespresso is free. 

Launching tomorrow in Seattle, the apartment-like, experimental retail concept is an intentional space for connection. Designed to serve both the individual shopper and the community with curated events, local programming, and shopping experiences, Universal Standard 1:1 is like a modern club or networking space without the membership fees. Any customer of the brand will be able to book appointments, reserve the space for their own personal use, explore interests or host meet-ups, or simply drop into recharge before a meeting for free.

With co-founder Alex Waldman as my host (thanks to Sydney Mintle of Gossip & Glamour), I'm immediately at home. Visiting the newly designed space in the Belltown neighborhood is like stepping into your friends' chic second-story walk-up. The kitchen, living room complete with library, community table, and personalized styling space feels simply elegant with an approachable yet edited merchandising perspective. There's plenty of privacy to connect or participate in special events, workshops, and dinners. It's a place where fashion freedom comes to life and fosters genuine connections. 

"Universal Standard is a fashion brand that is focused on access to modern design for all women. Launching our very first experiential space here in Seattle is a love letter to our customers who we hope will think of this place as an extension of their home." - Alex Waldman

Beyond the experiential element, Universal Standard 1:1 brings people together in a way that no one ever has done before. A stunning space with expert stylists where a size 40 can shop in the same way as a size 00 – using style as the only filter. Access to clothing with a promise that if your size shifts up or down within a year of purchase, they will exchange any piece in the Fit Liberty collection for a new size for free and donate the piece returned a second life through donation. 

Universal Standard 1:1 is a celebration of representation in fit, retailing, manufacturing, and community. 




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Universal Standard Seattle, WA United States