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Election Day Cake

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Voting is a piece of cake, according to a new social media experiment by Kim O'Donnel.

The chef, cookbook author, and journalist is reviving the art of the Election Day Cake to connect communities across the nation on November 6th. This delicious incentive, to share in celebrating our voting liberties, is nothing new. 

"If we rewind the tape a few hundred years, Election Day was a time for cake. Back when Connecticut was still a colony, Election Day was an important holiday. Voters would take the day off from work and travel to Hartford, cast votes and then party into the night with booze -- and cake." - Kim O'Donnel via A Mighty Appetite (published in 2006)

While many Americans do not travel great distances to participate in democracy, they're increasingly short on time. With @electiondaycake, O'Donnel marries her passion for food and freedom. In addition to providing registration deadlines and breaking news, the Instagram account will publish recipes to encourage non-partisan civic participation.

Catch the Election Day Cake popup at the West Seattle and Capitol Hill Farmers Markets on Sunday, November 4th, or activate a neighborhood bake-off to honor collaborative consumption and community building for the mid-term elections. 



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Photography by Annie Spratt via Upsplash