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Following in the steps of the bulk food vendor Unpackaged in London, a group of entrepreneurs are founding a new "package-free, zero waste grocery store" in Whole Foods land: Austin, Texas.

At the center of In.gredients brand promise is the concept of Precycling - encouraging customers to bring their bottles or bags to fill and refill. If a shopper doesn't have his own containers, the store will provide compostable ones to hold an assortment of traditional specialty bulk foods as well as local, all-natural and organic ingredients from local and seasonal suppliers. Best of all, customers will be able to purchase non-traditional bulk items like Dairy (milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese), beer and wine (bring your clean and empty growlers and wine bottles), and household items (cleaners, toiletries, etc) in the quantities that fit their specific needs.

We love that this new model by In.gredients makes food more affordable, because customers aren't paying for name brands and "in-house" private label packaging. It also trends nicely with shoppers increasing desire to connect locally at farmers markets while minimizing precious time.



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In.gredients Austin, TX United States