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One of the best parts of shopping online with Bona Drag is the mixtape available with purchases over $25. The compilation rotates seasonally, every six months, “introducing new ideas” through the parallels of music and fashion. Past editions have included emerging and established musicians — with songs by Beach House, Lissy Trullie, The Black Keys, and Family Band.

The concept of creating a dialogue between your eyes and ears is also being embraced in Portugal by a gourmet sandwich shop that delivers food with a song handpicked by the chef.  According to Springwise, each of the seven “Soundwiches” come with a musical tin to create the perfect ambience for eating lunch.

These examples show how songs can be more than a background track to the shopping experience or a SKU for impulse purchases. A “gift with purchase” is hardly a new marketing ploy, but as companies look to create a more authentic connection between brands and goods, we hope that music will become more than a seasonal theme or aspirational proposition.

Next year, look for the senses to become more important influencers of moods.

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