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With the launch of Roucha, Jill Wenger (founder of Totoakelo) has challenged the industry definition of size and shape with a love letter to the curvy, straight, short, and tall. 

The apparel line embodies the growing trend of essential diversity and freedom of choice sweeping across varied industries. We love how the multidimensional sizing chart represents a shift away from customary form, fit, shape, and height – transcending traditional views on assortments that consumers crave. 

"I was educated in design, craftsmanship and textiles from fashion’s best. However, my understanding of fit is informed by the thousands of hours spent in the fitting rooms of my retail stores styling women of all shapes and sizes. What I've attempted to create is a fashion collection that's both thoughtful and inspired, and that contributes to the current conversation challenging singular, universal beauty standards." 

- Jill Wenger, ROUCHA founders letter

Additionally, the collection epitomizes the new creative journey of inclusivity and honesty in human nature and entrepreneurism. ROUCHA demonstrates an empathetic perspective and acknowledges a societal scheme that is broken with a powerful, unfiltered solution. 


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Roucha New York, NY United States

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Photographs by Adam Katz Sinding for Roucha.