Studio Glow

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We have an on-off on-off love affair with an enigmatic “Bird Nest”. 

The combination of color and light is so unique to neon that you might miss the whimsical sculptures concealed amongst Koko Jamison’s elegant hand-bent glass tubes. As the artist behind Studio Glow, she merges neon with found objects or wood to create curves within curvatures.

Koko's contemporary chandeliers – now part of the She Bends: Women in Neon exhibition at the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, CA – incorporate woven branches from a statuesque curly willow that was downed tree right outside her Seattle studio.

We love the concealed narratives and transformative nature of these luminous artworks and architectural lighting. For us, Koko's works explore the divine relationship between natural and man-made materials in applications where subtlety is celebrated.

It's no surprise that numerous retailers, architects, and designers collaborate with Studio Glow on residential and commercial projects. Visit to view a sampling of Koko's artwork or inquire about commissions.

Insight Location

Studio Glow Seattle, WA United States

Photo Credits

Photography by Theresa Wingert for Studio Glow.