Little Moving Spaces

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At the intersection of elegance, wilderness, and the unexpected sits Megan Eaton Griswold and her Mod Yurt – navigating the complexity of impassioned sustainability and faultless consumption with her newest venture: Little Moving Spaces.  

The Hyphenate Creative, who navigates the spheres of Designer-Writer-Acupuncturist-Doula-Coach by thriving in the “et cetera” of unique, specializes in tiny and distinctive dwellings where she helps make the wildest life imaginable more attainable. In Megan’s realm, the blur between the indoor and the outdoors is celebrated, referenced, and translated into design narrative that stimulates the senses. 

“I like contradictions: back country functionality with front country color palettes. Perhaps better said, I like to draw on the colors of say the light on a glacier, or light above tree-line, more than say the cozy woody palettes we normally think of when we think of wild places — of river valleys, old growth forests and the like. I like the magic of light above tree line, where illuminated washes of color bring landscapes to light in a rather feminine way, despite such places feeling simultaneously so rugged.” - Megan Eaton Griswold

The Mod Yurt is a perfect example of achieving balance between the elements. The lightness and amenities complement the luxury experience within the main structure, expansive deck, thriving garden, and guest tent – are juxtaposed to genuine “off the grid” realities like a communal bathroom.

We love how Little Moving Spaces has embraced the needs of modern tiny lifestyles with a range of functional tried-and-tested products to outfit smaller residential or commercial formats that have been curated by Megan based on her own and her clients experiences. 

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Little Moving Spaces Jackson, WY United States

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Photography by Jenny Pheiffer for Little Moving Spaces.