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A Leisurely Feast

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We love this eloquent and authentic approach to setting expectations.

“Hello, You are entering a place where we take as much time as we need. We love our ingredients and prepare them with love, so if you are in hurry, if time is tight, please continue on your way and come back tomorrow. Thank you”

This forewarning at a delicious and charming restaurant on the southern tip of Corsica is a testament to how food and service has evolved for even the time strapped vacationer.

When The Slow Food Movement started in Rome over a McDonalds franchise in the 80’s, the manifesto condemned “fast life”. Since then, the concept and network of members includes people in over 150 countries who share values similar to those expressed on this sign found in a seaside tourist town of less than 3,000 people.  

Language and culture can be a barrier in developing brand messaging, but we have to give credit to this entrepreneur – who cooks out of her cliff-side home – for clearly identifying her potential client base and employing tactics that resonate with her desire for quality without alienating diners. 

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La Poudrière Bonifacio, France