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With the growing interest in food by so many people, there’s an increased demand for entrepreneurs to differentiate. A wide offering of options and flavors with combo upgrades or customization isn’t enough. Customers want to know more about their food sourcing beyond commonplace terms like local, seasonal produce.

At Heritage Eats, the company name is a reference to their commitment to set themselves apart from the competition by sourcing heritage-breed meats for the fast-casual restaurant. But selecting quality, sustainable ingredients is one of many trends that are vibrant within the concept.

From a design perspective, the concept is clean and streamlined on a backdrop of white with mint green accents to draw the eye toward the long prep counter where dishes are assembled. The ordering experience is more fluid that you would expect, given the amount of marketing throughout the dining area. It’s a casual, open-kitchen atmosphere that emphasizes customization with a plethora of ingredients on display and merchandised to accentuate color contrast and upselling.

Diners are invited to craft their dining experience from a plethora of global ingredients that would naturally fall into the Mexican, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern or Jamaican flavor profiles. The communication and signage simplifies what could be daunting decision with a simple mantra:

  1. Put This (protein)
  2. In That (bases like buns, wraps, salad bowl, etc)
  3. With Some (toppings)
  4. Then Cover It In (homemade sauces)

Customers can also forgo the DIY approach with a dish from the “Good Calls” menu – which come in a predetermined “base” or can be made into a salad or rice bowl. There are also specials that feature seasonal ingredients and unique combinations.

In addition to the customization and potential mashup of ingredients, the Fast-Fine ‘For-Purpose’ establishment has partnered with The Livestock Conservancy and the philanthropic organization Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry.

It’s refreshing to see a global perspective that is approachable and customizable in contrast many concepts that rely on a tight menu to control food costs within the fast-casual space. 

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Heritage Eeats Napa, United States