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Many of you have likely never heard of The Yellow Conference, and that’s okay. 

I was in the same boat until earlier this year when in the midst of questioning everything about myself and my nearly decade of experience in an industry that I might not even like anymore, a friend said, “You should check out this group I just found out about called The Yellow Collective. They have some great online articles and I think they do a conference thingy every year too. It could be a great resource for you!” Given the event description, I was intrigued enough to attend.  For me, the conference was life changing.


“For women who have a desire to make an impact and work for something bigger than themselves. This conference was created for you. The women who know that they were built for a greater purpose. The earth shakers and ground movers. Come learn from like-minded individuals who are out there making a difference, and learn how you too can do the same. Come to get inspired and leave with practical advice on how to make your dreams a reality as a woman living in today’s modern world.” - Event Description from Yellow Collective  


For two days, 500+ creative, ambitious female entrepreneurs, designers, and creators gather in the L.A Arts District to immerse themselves in the inspiring and Insta-worthy world of the collective community within the theme of “The Present Journey”. The event included a self-guided art installation and a “Do Good” marketplace – with over 20 vendors who all give back proceeds to both local and international charities that directly impact the Los Angeles area. 

There were a few clear topics that consistently emerged as each speaker or panel shared their own experience: become self-aware, prioritize self-care, and start now. It can seem overwhelming at first but, when you realize that YOU can make a difference in the world and the time to do that is NOW, you can embrace the journey by donating time, money, or resources to those groups or companies that align with your values. Or, better yet – purchase with purpose.

One of the companies that stood out to me was Makers & Goods because they design and curate thoughtful gifts that give back. I love their ESCAPE bag, Good Morning Beautiful Aromatherapy spray, and Apothecary Matchstick bottle. And, in the midst of writing this for Trendscaping, I learned that they had been evacuated from the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara, CA. Take a moment to check them out:   

For more details on The Yellow Conference, including my favorites quotes and insights from each speaker, visit my blog



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