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Cooking with local produce and artisan-made products with minimum food miles just got a bit easier thanks to a new Los Angeles based innovator.

Out of the Box Collective produces grocery boxes and chef-tested recipes to curb your urge to visit the supermarket. Founder Jennifer Piette and her team seeks out the tastiest foods from small producers at local farmers markets around LA to include in her food delivery program. The selection of boxes (Family, Couple, Produce, and Protein) come with a weeks worth of staples (meat, dairy-free and vegetarian) and each box includes a menu plan so subscribers can make the most out of the assortment of goods. To satisfy those who are tight on time but want sustainable options, the "Easy Box" option delivers pre-prepared foods that will provide five light, healthy meals for a family of four.

Out of the Box Collective takes Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) to the next level with user-friendly foods that scale to varying household sizes and dietary needs. We love the curated approach to groceries and Piette's commitment to a wide assortment of foods beyond produce. The concept feels undeniably full-service and completely authentic.

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Out of the Box Collective Los Angeles, CA United States

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