Culinary Detours

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Looking back on the trip, we knew something was up as we dined at Il Ristorante at The Bvlgari Hotel. The menu had shifted from predominately Milanese classics to include some new global – and specifically Asian – flavors. In addition to Bocconcini di gallina alla soya (chicken and soy sauce lollipops with avocado and fresh cream), there were a variety of raw fish dishes with the following disclaimer: Il pesce servito crudo è prima portato a -40°c* (All fish served raw is prior taken to -40°c).

Seeing as we didn’t travel to Italy for avocado, we preferred Burrata e spinaci freschi composta di pomodori e frisele (Burata with fresh spinach, tomato compote and friselle) and the Risotto alla Milanese.

In a culture built on culinary tradition and the procurement of the best local ingredients, it seems obvious to us that chefs and customers are pushing the boundaries with creative reinterpretation and new flavors. And, as the gastronomic landscape changes, it will be interesting to determine exactly what harmonizes with culinary art and philosophy.  

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Il Ristorante at The Bvlgari Hotel Milan, Italy