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Opposites That Attract

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Display fixtures are the handshake to your product introduction – providing a proper greeting and establishing a positive interaction.

This copper and glass unit for oil and vinegar at a shop in the Haga neighborhood of Gothenburg, Sweden is both stunning and customer friendly. The sturdiness of the metal offsets the fragility of the glass to balance tension between the various liquids for sale. And the self-serve aspect is a useful way to harness customer's interactive motivations without being labor intensive for employees. 

As we look at the future of merchandising, the trend toward experiential retail is undoubtedly the most relevant. Spaces need to be accommodating and able to withstand continual use, while appearing visually appealing. Product placement needs to benefit from un-merchandising and behavioral analysis across scenarios that test many options. 

In a retail environment that's increasingly integrating technology, it's refreshing to experiential design as an alternate solution and differentiation to augmented reality scenarios.  

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Olivolja Etc Göteborg, Sweden