The ABC's of Retail Merchandising

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The ABC Carpet & Home flagship store in New York City boasts every possible home aspiration, and it's newest renovation, a beautiful kitchen accessories floor in the basement, is an amusement park for gastronomic devotees.

Much like the retailer's six-floors of home décor aspiration, the surprisingly airy space highlights a diverse range of styles from across the world without feeling cluttered. From spectacular ceramics and coffee brewing equipment (curated by Bluebottle) to a rainbow of fine tea and a Hudson Bay seed library – the assortment is representative of reinvention, creativity, and individuality. 

Merchandising sets are defined using a cleaver configuration of freestanding fixtures to present each aesthetic, department, or designer. The schematic is both visually stimulating and easily shopable.  

We’ve clocked countless hours within ABC Carpet & Home over the years to demonstrate the benefits of scale, merchandising, and influence on market tour so we're pleased that the retailer continues to set themselves apart from the competition with a bounty of kitchen additions that would never be found in the mall. 

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ABC Carpet & Home New York, NY United States