Umami Mart

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As big fans of the retailers sake subscription program, a trip to the physical location was a must when visiting Oakland. And, it did not disappoint.

Launched initially as an international food + drink blog in 2007, Umami Mart has grown into a Japanese kitchen, barware, and beverage importing business. The aesthetic of functional design, quality, and service are reflected in the visuals, art, and objects they curate to enhance the retail space.

It’s an easy place to love with unique products to explore. We particularly love the birch house merchandising fixtures that allow customers to access items from all sides, in combination with the larger wall units that hold beer, sake, condiments, and pantry items. Making a wide range of SKUs look cohesive is no easy task – yet Umami Mart succeeds at bringing a lightness and modernity to volume. Plus, the cash wrap graphic of Japan with icons to represent what comes from where is pretty fantastic.   

In addition to importing, the retailer collaborates with Oaktown Spice in Oakaland for spices and Studio Arhoj in Copenhagen, Denmark on exclusive prints, and objects.  We love how Umami Mart taps into their creative community with events and partnerships that complement the brand. 

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Umami Mart Oakland, CA United States