Nordstrom X The Selby

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Photographer Todd "The Selby" Selby, best known for providing an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces on, has teamed up with Nordstrom to create an inspiring holiday gift guide rooted in the unique personalities of ten Seattleites.

Wait — we know what your thinking. Another collaboration? Is Nordstrom putting you up to this? Yes, and no. Keep reading.

Sure, The Selby has launched joint projects with big names like Nike, Louis Vuitton, IKEA, and NYTimes T Magazine before. And obviously, this particular project is ultimately a sales tool for the retailer. But, the results of the the collaboration are stunning and distinct. This is not a curated list of random products laid out in neat columns. It's a surprisingly thoughtful use of film, photos, and illustration.

We're particularly drawn to Photographer Coco Aramaki, as she explains how she's trying to balance between finding the moment in work and experiencing beauty around her. A truly inspiring philosophy. Watch the video here

Shifting gears into edible culture, The Selby also selected an Organic Food Activist and a Chef as subjects who define genuine style. Cormac Mahoney, Chef/Co-owner of 
Madison Park Conservatory, expresses sincerity and simplicity with a profound statement: "...something special happens when someone passes you food. I believe in magic." Watch the video here

From heartfelt words to styling — the results are genuine. This collaboration is not just about fashionable Seattleites, but a national representation of the people and trends shaping today's culture. 

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