2018 Beauty Guide

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This year I’m the most excited about the thoughtful items at the forefront of the beauty industry that are indulgently unique.

This "top 5" guide represents a holistic and balanced approach to beauty that includes a range of “free from” items that fall into the clean, green, natural, or organic categories - while delivering all the positive healthful, dietary, and enlightening benefits. 


  1. Each forward-thinking formula by Kosås includes active botanicals. The texture, colors, and quality are on point, because the entire collection is edited down into pure essentials. I love the Tropic Equinox Illuminator (shown in the behind-the-scenes photo from an editorial photoshoot with Tereza Janakova) with Fringe Weightless Lip Color, or the Velvet Melon Illuminator with Rosewater Weightless Lip Color. 
  2. I have never seen anything like the Crystal Comb before, and the packaging is absolutely stunning! It was gifted to me by from Crown Works (this is not sponsored and did not influence my decision to include the product here). The hand-feel is amazing, and the smoothness attracts everyone on-set. Using the CrystalComb has become my own relaxing beauty ritual. 
  3. Since training at the Herbal Academy, I’ve had heightened awareness for scents and have been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time working in Big Sur. Recently, I discovered a wonderful all natural perfume by L’Aromatica that evokes the same energy of waves crashing against a foggy, redwood-covered bluff. 
  4. One of my new favorite brands is Verte Essentials, because they’re thinking outside the box by channeling the healthful powers of premium hemp extract. Their beautiful little gold leaf Ascent Ampoules purify, protect, and illuminate the skin. It’s Canna-Bliss! 
  5. Feeling and looking youthful starts with the hands. This year, I traded my moisturizers, balms, and scrubs for a DIY fix based on my herbalist studies. This Essential Healing Hand & Body Salve is easy to make at home and already a huge hit among models, colleagues, and clients. 



Heidi Nymark is a Professional Snowboarder turned Hair & Makeup Artist represented by Art Department. Her editorial work has appeared in Elle, Vanity Fair, Milk, Bambino, Highlights, and Noise. Follow her on Instagram @heidinymark


Photo Credits

Photography by Heidi Nymark, Crown Works, and Verte Essentials.