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Here's a new scoop of sustainability: Ben and Jerry's announced a new initiative aimed at lowering its environmental impact by reducing its carbon credits with blockchain technology. 

The environmentally conscious ice cream company is partnering with the Poseidon Foundation to counterbalance the carbon in the customer's ice cream cone. Using Poseidon's crypto-ledger technology, the Stellar blockchain can break carbon credits into microtransactions that can be attached to every SKU or scoop. This allows consumers to directly connect carbon credits to their lifestyle in real time. 

We love how this solution maps to the company's core values while incorporating a type of traceability and activation that can be easily understood. As much as we enjoy the opportunities that crypto-currency presents, it's blockchain projects like this (and at Carrefour) that present the greatest opportunity to solve the problem of manipulation and increase cultural transparency across retail, design, and travel industries. 

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Ben & Jerry's Burlington, VT United States

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