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The yearlong Hermès accessory-only popup at Nordstrom is everything you might expect and more from a luxury legend. Billed as the first dedicated popup within a department store, the shop-in-shop was designed by Robert Storey of Storey Studio in London. 

Archways and experiential structures provide context for the space – with playful merchandising moments beyond the fluid threshold. Walls double as visual merchandising vignettes or display cases and provide a sense of intimacy within the flagship location. 

With a large white display case grounding the center selling space, this one-of-a-kind collaboration led by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s director of creative projects, is innately a fun place where customers can engage with the brand. We love use of semi-circle scarf rack inspired by a traditional rug fixture to display a plethora of designs within a compact space, because it's accessible and entertaining. And, the oval silk string chandelier is poised to be the newest selfie spot in Seattle. 

According to WWD, the design underscores the concept’s interest in engaging with a new audience. “I think [accessories] are the most attainable [category], right?” Kim said. “It’s easy for a new or a younger customer to come in and have a piece of Hermès without feeling super intimidated by price point or intimidated by some of the more expensive, elevated, less available products that are out there, like bags.”

We love contemporary approach to collaboration.  It would have been easy to replicate mini Hermès as a way to leverage the brands heritage but, in not following a traditional path, the conspirators can explore new demographics. This exploratory popup is a true success because simultaneously enticing loyalists and potentials with an artistic presentation that feels fresh.  

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Nordstrom Seattle, WA United States