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Throughout time we’ve often relied on designers and retail stores to tell us what we should wear, what looks stylish and fashionable. Those with access and disposable income have the opportunity to afford luxurious apparel and to buy the newest trends. As for everyone else, we rely on word of mouth, our peers, and other media outlets to point us in the directions of what’s hot.  

Stores on every block have some sort of model on display, fitted in the latest trends from head to toe, to help influence each window-shopper to become a potential customer. The idea is simple, use visuals to show this is what you would look like wearing that outfit on a mannequin. Problem is that most people don’t come close to looking anything like that store mannequin.

The disappointing thing for most people is that their sizes aren’t the ones displayed or sometimes not even on the rack. This makes shopping a hassle and a blow to one’s self-confidence. So, what do you do when society says you should looks a certain way? When the trends aren’t catered towards your taste in fashion? How do you figure out what looks good on you?

Everyone has these struggles in some way. I myself, grew up being physically fit and sometime after college that changed. Life happens, and now I find myself in a space where I have a larger muscular physique. That means I face the challenge of finding the clothes that fit in my size while maintaining my style.

As a menswear blogger and influencer, my purpose is always to educate men about creating a versatile wardrobe. Being able to take men on a journey to self-discovery to understanding themselves and what works. Thus, helping them find their own confidence through their own style. What I learned is that the only way to help men develop the confidence and skillset to create a new look and take it out for a test run on their own, was to provide visual reinforcements.

Each photo and blog post served as a way for me to understand the demographic of men around my size – be it overweight, muscular, or somewhere in between – who need to see what confidence and style looks like from someone who looks like one of them. After all, in order for fashion to be where it is today, there had to be someone who broke the mold and went against the status quo.

Now, what works for me may not work for everyone but, my hope is that one would be able to take time to understand what you like, what proportions and material flatter your body, and what styles inspire you.

Take joy in that only you can wear that outfit the way you see it. It doesn’t matter what the mannequin looks like, you can wear the outfit even better. But you gotta take time to figure it out and have confidence in yourself which is the beauty of the whole thing.

Genuine style is an extension of yourself. Cheers.



Endurance Weke is a fashion influencer, blogger, and personal stylist at The Curator of Cool. He's a founding member of Seattle Gents. Connect with Endurance on Instagram.  

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