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Mithaier's delivering a mashup that we just can't ignore. 

Spotted at Unique Holiday Market in LA, the range of bite-size desserts mix Indian culture with American flavors.

“Mithai” is a term used to describe an array of South Asian sweets. Traditionally, mithai are brought to events both big and small, because they symbolize celebration, happiness, and joy. Burfi is one of the most common types of mithai & most resembles a soft fudge. 

"As a first generation Indian-American, I love finding ways to integrate my heritage into everyday life and believe it’s important to celebrate & share our South Asian roots in modern ways. Mithaier was born out of my passion to bring together two things I love -- American desserts & South Asian sweets. By combining these two worlds, we can add a touch of culture to our everyday celebrations, while also sharing the tradition of South Asian sweets with people who may have never experienced it before." - Sandhya Pathak, Founder & Owner 

The Burfi Collections by Mithaier include Bakery Favorites (red velvet topped with white chocolate, key lime pie topped with Indian tea biscuit crumbs, and birthday cake topped with rainbow sprinkles) Ice Cream Favorites (mint chocolate chip topped with milk chocolate, butter pecan filled with bits of pecan and topped with a pecan piece, and cookies & cream made with crushed Oreos and topped with white chocolate & Oreo crumbs). Single flavor boxes of sweets are also available online

Unlike the Cruffin or Cronut® by Dominique Ansel, these burfi mashups carefully retain the traditional and familiar texture of mithai with a suprising, flavorful twist. 


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