Merchandising as a Customer Service

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How do you elevate the categorization and organization of products? Simply make it easier for customers to spend money.

Over-the-top window displays may be decorative, beautiful, and extravagant — but it's often the product merchandising that helps to educate and sell products. Unfortunately, there are limited opportunities to reconfigure fixtures or revolutionize displays. Until now.

According to a new patent application discovered by Apple Insider entitled "Active Electronic Media Packaging", Apple may be working on an active packaging system that would supply power and data to devices, allowing them to display content and show off features to customers while on display in a store. The proposed invention aims to replace the typical labels and other advertising that is found on the outside of product packaging. Instead, Apple's method would let the product sell itself.

"Although typical packaging for an electronic media device may be designed to adequately protect the device from shock or damage, the packaging is extremely limited in other respects," the filing reads. "For example, the ability to fully view or interact with the electronic media device while still inside the packaging is severely limited in most packaging designs. Although unobtrusive packaging designs have been developed, these designs typically do not allow electronic media devices to be interacted with while inside the packaging."

We love the idea of a wireless powered charging merchandising system that would allow products like the iPhone and iPad to charge while sealed in packaging.

It's the ultimate in customer service.

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