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The Butcher’s Table is a little bit of everything: steakhouse, lounge with live music, private event space, to-go sandwich counter, and butcher shop. But it’s the latter of those uses that's worth notice because the butcher counter sells only Mishima Reserve’s American Wagyu Beef. Both brands are owned by Sugar Mountain – the parent company of Beecher’s Cheese.

Why is Mishima Reserve so special? Ask the chef Michael Mina of StripSteak or Jose Andres of Bazaar Meat – both of who have the beef from full-blood Black Wagyu bulls, crossed predominantly with Angus cows, on their menus. Steakhouses across America, and as far as Shanghai, serve the luxury meat daily. Learn more about the breeding, feeding, and care here.

Butcher Shop within The Butcher’s Table concept carries a variety of cuts using the Japanese grading system of marbling including 4-Star, 5-Star, and Ultra cuts that are higher quality than USDA Prime. During two separate visits in August and October, the only Ultra grade cut was the Cap of Ribeye for $53.50/0.5lb.

Built by Mallet, The Butcher’s Table is the also first company owned retail location to sell Mishima Reserve direct to the consumer without working through a distributer. 

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The Butcher's Table Seattle, WA United States