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As host of the #BTSPodcast, I explore the "behind-the-scenes" of final products. As an extension of my interviews at SXSW 2019, Trendscaping has partnered with me to investigate the insights and people behind the themes, passions, and projects of the #BTSPodcast. 

The first guest of this series is Brittany Hicks, founder of Girls in Fashion and Tech (GiFT), the co-founder of the WOC #FashTech Brunch, co-creator of Slash Seattle, and the co-creator of the WTF?! Fashion Podcast (launching in March 2019), she's an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University, in addition to her full-time position at Amazon in planning and operations on the Private Label Fashion team.

The phrase "fashion industry" often conjures up images of glossy magazines, high cheekbones, and the eccentric designers and photographers that bring fashion to life. In reality, the fashion industry is multi-faceted in terms of both the practices necessary for fashion and retail companies to function, as well as its impact on the world around us.

On this episode of #BTSPodcast, Brittany and I discuss representation in fashion, the various functions necessary to operate a fashion company, and how Brittany is working to empower young women in pursuing technical roles in fashion. She's examining the way women exist in the fashion space, sharing incredible statistics, including that 90% of graduates in fashion are women, and the majority of leadership at leading fashion and retail companies are men. Women own a large share of the wallet in the U.S., though we have people at the top of the industry making decisions for her, who don't look like her.

Brittany attended North Carolina A&T State University and has leveraged her learnings from her career experience to empower young women. So much of her work surrounds not only educating students on career options but empowering them with the language to articulate what they're experiencing. 

In addition to the themes of inclusivity, emotional intelligence, and merchandising our conversation speaks to trends in sustainability, transparency, and conscious consumption. Please give this episode a listen on the podcast streaming platform of your choice (Apple, Spotify, Stitcher), subscribe, rate, and review.

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Lynae Cook is a digital strategist and artist, with a background in sociology and photojournalism. She created #BTSPodcast to humanize workforces, educate consumers, and inspire career options. Connect with her on Instagram & Twitter or the #BTSPodcast on Facebook & Twitter.

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