Meat Candy

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Remove yourself from the chaos of the modern world for a moment and you will quickly understand why the heritage trend has swiftly evolved into a mathematical and reflective version of craftsmanship.

A perfect example of this refined aesthetic can be found at Meat & Bread in Vancouver, Canada, where heritage isn't simply historical design elements, but an inspiring connection to the past and future. A perfect backdrop for a succulent porchetta sandwich with housemad mustard.

The 1300+ square foot space features a 30 foot long open kitchen and service bar, complete with floor to ceiling subway tile. A steel-topped communal table runs parallel to bar counter, and maximizes seating without compromising flow. 

Branding and signage are a key component to the thoughtful look and feel. The mix is rustic and inviting, yet undeniably modern. Thoroughly masculine with a nod to cities like Portland, OR or Brooklyn, NY, 

Not every brand or concept can start from scratch, but many can identify ways to resize and restore design, merchandising, and marketing efforts. Focusing on craftsmanship, rather than heritage, is one path to success.  

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Meat & Bread Vancouver, Canada