Mapping Ear-Friendly Places

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Seeking a quiet cafe for a business meeting or conference call? Dining with a large group and apprehensive about restaurant acoustics or ambient noise? Nodding and saying “ah, yes” after failing to hear a person at happy hour?

Miscommunication’s anything but fun and finally there’s a new app designed to help.

iHEARu mobile app uses crowdsourcing and GPS to help individuals find ear-friendly locations using decibel data gathered from smartphone users in public places and real-time environments. Each reading helps the cross-generational community decide where to go in situations that demand attention to detail.

Founded and inspired by world renowned neuroscientist and audiologist Dr. Kelly Tremblay, from the University of Washington, iHEARu is calling on all citizen scientists to join the movement by taking data readings in their own city. These efforts coincide with San Francisco Restaurant Week (January 22 – 31, 2018) – where the team has partnered with Dr. Charles Limb of the University of California, San Francisco and Jardinière restaurant to make a contribution to the Hearing Loss Association of America and CHEFSGIVING in the Bay Area.



We love this cross-generational solution and its mission to map places and spaces that fit each user’s unique requirement. From freelancers at a cafe to retirees at a restaurant, everyone has someting to gain in crowdsourcing ear-friendly environments. 

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