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In response to the lack of community for women of color in the fashion and tech space, Brittany Hicks of Girls in Fashion & Technology (G.I.F.T.), fit technology consultant Jessica Couch of Luxor and Finch, and Ellie Zambrano of Geek of Chic have collaborated on an event during NYFW to promote inclusion. 

The WOC FashTech Brunch celebrates community, facilitates transparent dialogue, and creates networking opportunities. The February 9th event at Fig & Olive is open to all innovators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and trailblazers, and patrons in support of gender and ethnic diversity.

As we look at fashion, media, and tech trends – it’s easy to see a common thread with socioeconomic and cultural insights that encourage sustainability, inclusion, and authenticity. Responsiveness penetrates nearly every aspect of our lives and in an effort to improve algorithms and design without bias, we desperately need more professionals and creatives that understand female consumers to offer real solutions. Events like WOC FashTech offer a supportive community to further careers collectively while engaging in robust conversation. 

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WOC FashTech Brunch at Fig & Olive New York, NY United States