Late Sunday Afternoon

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Handcrafted in Venice, CA using locally sourced dead-stock (leftover) fabrics, Late Sunday Afternoon creates upcycled scarves, ascots, pocket squares, and bandanas with a charitable, altruistic twist.  

For every item they sell, Late Sunday Afternoon creates and gifts a blankie to a child in foster care. Simultaneously, the brand uses the fabric scraps from their products to create dog beds that are donated to a local animal shelter. 

Throughout the retail store, the themes of social good and purchasing with a purpose are visually represented via a merchandising schematic that communicates a functional approach to an enlightened lifecycle. 

An open sewing studio, to the left of the shop entrance, embodies the product values and process of craftsmanship. Each scarf is finished with stitching long in the corners and hand-tied with four knots to represent a blessing of love, happiness, adventure, and mystery for the person who wears the garment. 

There’s a casual genuineness to the vast quantity of accessory options and lifestyle products. We particularly love the private label products that promote positivity via Snuggle Tribe, Surf Club, or Future Creator messaging and the Late Sunday Afternoon “spirit animal Harvey the Dog-Bear” graphic. The message is global but the vibe is local.

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Late Sunday Afternoon Venice, CA United States