It's a Small World

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Here's a new spin on mini-momentum:  “The smallest store in the world” by Swedish housewares retailer IKEA.

Blending smart commerce, augmented reality (AR), and digital merchandising within a 300 X 250 (10.5cm x 8.8cm) web banner, the eCommerce store makes the most of space while representing the entire IKEA assortment. The video below explains the concept. 

“With city populations on the rise, living spaces have become increasingly limited,” the company explains. “IKEA believes that no matter how cramped your space, there’s always a solution.” To demonstrate that belief, the company — generally known for its oversized retail spaces — has packed a full store with 2,800 products into the space of a small web banner. Shoppers who visit the diminutive store by hovering their mouse over it can then browse by department, choose what they want, and buy it online. “We targeted people looking for studio flats as well as one/two bedroom apartments by placing our tiny stores in the real estate section of community websites,” IKEA notes.

While this is certainly not the most practical way of browsing, we love how the messaging plays on brand-centric ideals which are meant to shift consumers perceptions away from from a mega-store mentality to an omni-channel experience.

Unlike a virtual retail installations, the IKEA "smallest store in the world" symbolizes thoughtful consumption while decreasing workload and span of design within the online and offline worlds. Watch the video about the smart-store here