The Diamond Lane

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The short holiday selling season was make-it-or-break-it for many retailers, and it certainly amplified the fever pitch of promotion. That, in turn, has amplifyied the demand for accelerated, quicker than normal services. So in 2015, you can bet that this go-go pace will not be exclusive to just the holiday season.

Creating a Diamond Lane will be the HOV of shopping services, as retailers look for opportunities to simplify transactions and, at the same time, expedite the checkout process for time-starved customers. This new segmentation strategy benefits the needs of either the quick or the leisurely shopper by giving both parties the service they want.

Brands seeking to maintain loyalty and increase their average ticket sale will consider creating a Diamond-Lane as the ultimate customer service experience. Implementing a Diamond Lane will also help to lure online and mobile customers into brick-and-mortar locations, without the risk of showrooming or expedited shipping, and will give the impression of VIP status.

We love how this trend anticipates the needs of multiple customers’ profiles without delving into income or socioeconomic status. Time is a luxury and no longer an indicator for how much or how little one might spend. 

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