Color is Universal

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Color is the universal language that everyone recognizes.

Informed by cultural keystrokes, our perceptions are intrinsically linked to the impact of color and navigating that spectrum is vital to relationship building.

Colors help to create a recognizable and distinct brand identity. At retail, we often talk about the impact of brand views tied to a logo, packaging design, store schematic, or marketing campaign to provoke an instant reaction.

Seasonal themes are often represented by multiple hierarchical tones across a vast spectrum.  Irrespective of forecasts, a mega color like Tangerine Tango will need a backdrop of many shades to pop accordingly and generate desire. This fall, blues will dominate with harvest hues and mossy greens as supporting characters. Every alpha has a beta, or three.

As we examine the continuum of color, we are far more enthralled with inspiration that sounds a dynamic chord rather than just a singular note.

This slightly offbeat form of inspiration celebrates the hue, not the race. At The Color Run, runners in white t-shirt experience a rainbow of powdered pigments at each leg of the event 5km race. Every kilometer is associated with a designated color:  1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a “Color Extravaganza.” This celebration transforms physical endurance into a vibrant hue procession.

Similarly, this Kickstarter The Present by Scott Thrift of m ss ng p eces, tells the story of the seasons using subtle gradients of pure color to mark the equinoxes & solstices throughout the years. Using a custom microprocessor commissioned to accurately turn hours into months, the color wheel is a reminder not to sweat the small stuff.  

Regardless of must-have trends, color is creative promise — which raises the bar in terms of architecture, design, and fashion.