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Avoiding the Drive-Thru

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There are over 475 food trucks in Portland, Oregon according to a June article in Saveur. But unlike other cities where permits are costly and/or regulations define how close food trucks can park near competing restaurants (and how long they can stay in one spot), Portland serves as an example of how food trucks can have a positive impact on the vitality and connectedness of a community.

With hundreds of lunch options, it seemed in our best interest to consult an expert with similar tastes. For us – that person is Nicole Sakai, partner at Factory North and food blogger. At the Mississippi food pod, you can sit on the deck at Prost, order from any food carts, and bring your food back to the deck and drink your beer with your dog by your side.

We loved the Portland-style Chinese Roujiamo flatbread sandwiches and Szechuan pickles from Prickly Ash. Each "Mo" flatbread is flattened and prepared for each sandwich when ordered, similar to a handmade tortilla.

Thanks Nicole for all of your wonderful recommendations. We will be back to Portland again soon.

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