Visual Cues Underfoot

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Marketers and merchandisers know a thing or two about foot-traffic.

At GlobalShop – the largest annual visual merchandising trade show and conference for the retail design industry – vendors line the isles with new innovations and technologies in floor projections, decals, and digital signage.

Designers give us cues all the time. For instance, in retail the quality of the flooring material is a pretty good indication of the merchandise quality and department pricing. And at the Pike Place Market, 45,000 name tiles reference the local investments that the community made in 1986. Plus we’re all aware of functional cues, such as those along the isles of airplanes, where white lights lead to red lights to denote an exit.

As a tool for creating an experiential environment, we’re always open to new ideas, so here’s a simple treatment  we found while out on the road – literally – that we thought worth sharing: the red roads at Zion National Park. Not only do those red roads make every photo pop, but they help create balance with nature, while  also being completely functional.

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Zion National Park Springdale, UT United States