Upcycling at Relovable

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Upcycling has made a huge contribution to product design, supply chain, and economics within various industries but, a new startup aims to spread the movement to the fastest growing community of individuals: toddlers. 

Founded by Shauna Causey as a solution for her quickly growing baby, newly launched matches and delivers 10-15 gently-loved clothing, toys, and books from local parents based on each kid’s size, style, and preferences. The monthly or bi-monthly membership covers the operational costs of sorting and transporting good to excellent quality, outgrown items directly to/from each subscriber’s doorstep. 

We’ve already seen some examples of fashion subscription, consignment, and Upcycling at Rent the Runway, Armoire, The Real Real, Kiriko, Kapital, and Merci. However, the idea of harnessing the power of local communities to disrupt shopping cycles, conserve time, and save money (at $19.99/monthly, the cost breakdown per item is $1.33 to 1.99 per item) for people who triple in size and double in weight within the first 5yrs is sustainably unique,  creatively inspired, and globally expandable. 

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Relovable Seattle, WA United States