Upcycling in Paris 2

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Opened in 2009, Merci is one of the most famous concept stores in Paris due to its eclectic and eccentric merchandising. 

On the lower level, the diverse range of goods, from minimalist tin tableware to playful recycled composite cups and bowls, create an inspired vintage-lux theme. The “refined flea market” feel is punctuated with vintage collectibles and household staples. A small cafe effortlessly blends into the marketplace surroundings. 

Fixtures within the housewares and apparel departments are arranged by need state in complete arrangements for themed dinners or must-have outfits. Seldom did we see a categoric theme represented - with a table of all shirts or an assortment of bowls. This tactic draws the customer closer to the products "livability".

The upper-loft includes furniture (and design consulting), installation related merchandise (more notebooks from Muji and cool office supplies), and home accessories (such as pillows, throws and lighting). The ever changing, open and welcoming ambience is a interior-lover’s dream.

As people generally desire to support the less fortunate and improve their society, but have limited income earmarked towards social good, charitable retailers like Merci assist consumers in giving. This win-win situation has an upside bonus for retailers, by strengthening the brands image, while simultaneously gaining trust and respect with consumers.

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Merci Paris, France