Sweet Repetition

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Among certain circles, it’s commonplace to critique the finer points of French macarons endlessly. This insight about Ladurée will do nothing of the sort. 

Across France, customers insatiable appetite for this sweet meringue-based confection has extended beyond traditional Pâtisseries to frequent flyers. And at Paris Orly airport, many brands have taken advantage of the Captive Venue Trend by building out mini-shops for patrons on the go. 

Within this sweet store, and across at the adjacent kiosk, a multitude of products, shapes, and packaging options are presented in organized abundance.  Working horizontally, the back wall scheme draws your eyes from left to right – along the same plain as the most forward pastry casework. 

These cues – along with well-placed mirrors, repetition, and color-blocking – create a framework for the outlandish and colorful macarons. Every element is functional to facilitate quick service before moving onto the gate. Without these points of balance, the space might look like a pastel period gallery. 

We love how Ladurée, and the French for the most part, carefully master Simplexity in merchandising without turning into a retail parody.    

Insight Location

Ladurée Aéroport Paris-Orly Paris, France