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Can a suit inspire a store?

The Ludlow Shop, named after its popular Ludlow men's suit offers a full assortment of suits along with Thomas Mason shirts, Italian cashmere, a large shoe assortment and neckwear. The New York City outpost has suit experts, on-staff tailors, and monogramming onsite to customizing purchases.

“The Ludlow suit has become a business unto itself at J. Crew,” said Millard “Mickey” Drexler, CEO of J.Crew Group Inc. in 2012. Though there are currently no plans for more Ludlow stores, Drexler added: “I never use the word ‘rollout’ as much as ‘evolving.’ We will give this an opportunity to show itself in an important way. Ask me again in three or six months. We could add Ludlow shops to more existing J. Crew stores.”

From a merchandising standpoint, the store plays on the heritage and authenticity themes while remaining youth-minded and generationally neutral. We particularly loved the tuxedo area as a fresh take on affordable luxury without the stodgy penguin suit ethos. The sport of concept stores has clearly gone co-ed.

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Ludlow Shop New York, NY United States