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It seems like forever since we flew through Denver on our way to New York or Chicago for a Tradeshow and in all honesty we were not looking forward to the experience of making our way through the expansive space. Fortunately, like most captive venues across the country, the airport been updated to include battery charging stations at all gates, a mini-spa, and a variety of shopping/dining options. 

With limited premium services, it's only logical that we focus on the retail component — specifically the smaller shopping venues. Throughout the massive 33,457 acre airport, the kiosk design is consistent and they're spaced apart from each other so that the customer isn't bombarded with a mass of linear concepts. This mini bottle shop, a stones throw of Vino Volo wine bar, was a great example of how to maximize space while educating customers.

We love how the far side of the kiosk which faces the gates in terminal C was primarily merchandised with Sparkling and Champagne as a grab-and-go impulse purchase for flyers who have just landed. Positioning the concept before the security checkpoint also allows frequent flyers an opportunity to present a celebratory gift to give to friends or family without the hassle of checked luggage.

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