Modern Mystics

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Achieving that perfect mystic vibe without sacrificing aesthetics is getting easier to conjure thanks to the resurgence of soul-searching spirituality. 

Providing thoughtful guidance and lifestyle strategies, Stephanie Gailing specializes in the art of wellness astrology for activating a “framework to understand the past, a way to recognize patterns unfolding in the present, and a self-aware vantage point from which to view the future.” In addition to private sessions, special events, and educational programs, she’s created an Astro-Wellness Workshop in conjunction with the design firm Wildern that’s designed to share the magical healing properties of flower essences.

The Blending Bar concept explores spiritually focused pursuits and personal proclivities unique to each person’s astrology chart using the Design Happy Hour format. Known for weaving self-care, trans-seasonality, and DIY experiential creation into the fold with grounding insights, each attendee collaborates with Gailing to build a custom-designed elixir from an Astro-Flower Workbook.

We love how the content of the evening at The Cloud Room matched so perfectly with the experience and materials created by Wildern to form a fresh expression of the Modern Mystic movement. 

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The Cloud Room Seattle, WA United States