Glowing with Gressa

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From changes in craft services (gluten-free, paleo options, etc) to daily tarot card readings on-set, health and wellness is increasingly top of mind.

For my part as a Hair & Makeup Artist, I seek out beneficial products that can perform at the highest level and, over the years, my kit contains more clean and natural skincare solutions that help heal a models complexion from the damage of excessive travel, combat hormonal imbalances, and create a smooth canvas for makeup application.  

Unfortunately, not all skincare and makeup lines are meant to chemically work together in withstanding the elements on a hot or cold location shoot and create a healthy, effortless glow. Until I found Gressa.

Gressa is skin luxury with a minimalist vibe. It was the first company that came to mind when Trendscaping approached me about writing about trends in beauty because Gressa values functional apothecary and self-care. Looking and working with the line, you would never know that the range is non-toxic, natural, and green.

“Safe and effective beauty products are a human right. Gressa is a fusion of science, traditional ancient medicine, and love all bottled up in a beautiful violet glass bottle. My range represent what every individual deserves: an efficacious line that celebrates glamour, yet remains uncompromising of purity.” - Svetlana Zakharevich, Founder + Owner of Gressa

For this feature, I visited the Gressa HQ with Svetlana to better understand her development process – from concept to the creation of new products and formulations. And there, in the middle of the lab, I persuaded Svetlana to demo a timelapse tutorial for Instagram. The short video really helps to illustrate the authenticity she brings to the brand. 

Consistently, I see the amazing results with Gressa's purifying mist, purifying oil, illuminating serum, and minimalist foundation on photoshoots. Working with photographer Tereza Janakova and stylist Emilie Maslow we wanted to test the concept of 'Water Beauty' on Kati Staudt (TCM Models) with a series of clean and mindful editorials that feel fresh. 

Green and glamour can coexist in beauty as easily as they do in architecture and dining experiences. With Gressa, Svetlana has proven that products can be functional, beautiful, and attainable. 


Heidi Nymark is a Professional Snowboarder turned Hair & Makeup Artist represented by Art Department. Her editorial work has appeared in Elle, Vanity Fair, Milk, Bambino, Highlights, and Noise. Follow her on Instagram @heidinymark