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Gemspiration was a theme consumers clearly loved at Unique LA this weekend, with a variety of products incorporating crystals and stones into merchandise. The concept aligns well with the spiritual, energetic, and intentional meaningfulness portrayed in the Modern Mystic trend. Perfect for a two-day popup featuring 400+ independent vendors. 

Gift sets can be a mixed bag – literally. Thankfully, we found the beautifully curated boxes from Amanda Hayward at Electric Human that contain a stunning selection of products that express gratitude. Launched at Unique this year, each cloud-wrapped box includes a Selenite Crystal Castle, Dream Bar (natural soap wrapped in felted wool), Moonlight Candle, Palo Santo sticks, a vile of wellbeing Relief Oil, and a vile of Infinite Soak for the bath.

At LVL Collective, we loved the Crystal Candle combo inspired by desert, ocean, and the healing properties of gemstones. The smell is incredible and the packing is equally fresh with crisp graphics and neutrals in lieu of a traditional cosmic palate.

Made famous from its appearance on the hand of Cersei Lannister in the season six finale of Game of Thrones, the Gemfire Ring by Hespera is masterfully carved from one single stone. It’s the opposite of the delicate and minimalist jewelry that’s been popular over the past few years and suggests the ultimate return of the power piece.

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