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For many on the East Coast, Salt Water Taffy is a critical part of the boardwalk and beach experience. Which is why we couldn't resist sharing a newly launched Kickstarter campaign by Salty Road that's delightfully and deliciously aligned with the Global Locality trend. 

Sweets have long been the target of a gourmet re-boot. Think artisan s'mores, cupcakes, or ice cream - and you're likely to be able to rattle off a number of brands or restaurants that are deconstructing or reinventing the classics with better ingredients, less preservatives, and a commitment to local communities. It's about time someone jumped at the chance to scale up production of taffy with the love and attention to detail that it deserves.

The unique twist to this campaign is that the brand is actually looking to raise money to make a hand-made operation automated by adding specially equipment from the 1940's to their own home town of Brooklyn, NY. In a society where made-in matters, this move rethinks consumption and production, with the right amount of craft and tradition. 

It's this type of ideology that will allow concepts like Salty Road to strike a balance between large and small. Check out this sweet and chewy kickstarter campaign here

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