California Vintage

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Sometime after Norma Jean became Marilyn and before Axl Rose famously stepped off that bus at 6th and La Brea. This is the California that defined a generation. That inspired so many to go West and chase dreams. The Golden Age of the Golden State.

Nestled amidst bougainvillea, luxury condos and dispensaries, these signs of simpler times continue to charm locals and tourists alike with their wide, throwback ligatures and optimistic curves. They inspire stories, shape scripts, and create characters with an authenticity that is a far cry from the manufactured authenticity of today.

Suspended in time, they are a casual interruption from the modernness that defines Los Angeles. A flamboyantly simple break from the quiet sophistication of minimalism. A momentary escape from the discipline of ordinary. A passage back to the place I was before.

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Julie Ashkenazi is Co-Founder + Creative Lead at Small + Sole, a collective that specializes in brand design, web design and digital marketing for small and solo businesses. She resides in Burbank, CA with her husband, two boys and rescue dog. Connect with Julie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest

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